New Single From First Aid Kit (Blue)

29 May

Great new single from First Aid Kit the Swedish folk duo who have been around for awhile now getting plenty of attention in music scenes but not quite as much in the mainstream. What I belive is their new single, Blue is another fine example of the quality of music these girls have been producing for a few years now.

I first heard them doing a cover of a 60’s protest song on youtube called Universal Soldier.

These girls are a fine example of how youtube has changed the way people get their music out at first, this was the only way Id heard the girls and its how Ive listened to most of their music since. It helps that the girls can perform with just their wonderful vocal harmonies and a guitar, this lends itself to the youtube outlet and all the people who have channels full of people performing in parks, caves, balconys, taxi’s and various places that make interesting videos.
Their music is in the vein of Fleet Foxes, Joanna Newsom and a little bit of the 60’s vibe of Simon & Garfunkel. Similar to Tallest Man On Earth in their American influence but a unique take on it all the same.

It was their cover of Fleet Foxes Tiger Mountain Peasent song that brought them to the attention of the internet and it is still a fine cover even these years later.

So if you like beautiful harmonies sung by girls with cute accents then your on the right track here, you might just find your listening to some extremely talented ones at that.
I just got my tickets to see them in Vicar Street in November, not ones to be missed on the tour for their album “The Lions Roar”.


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