Hush War Cry E.P ‘Voices’ Out this Friday 25/05/12

23 May

Hush War Cry

The highly anticipated debut release of Cork band Hush War Cry is set for release on Friday as Mp3 and a Ltd Edition Handmade Cd from the Delphi Label
Im still yet to see these guys live but from anything Ive heard so far it will be worth the wait. After gaining quite a bit of notice for their song Lily, an atmospheric track with vocal hooks driven by piano and backed up with moments of electro and shoegazer guitar and bass. The vocals are probably some of the best Ive heard from an Irish band recently strong and clear. In the track Lily in particular there are definite moments of Depeche Mode influence which can only be a good thing when you are a young band producing a sound that floats from epic to dreamy pop.

In advance of their E.P they have released a video for the track apparitions shot by Feel Good Lost another Cork based company producing Videos, Live Visuals and film along with plenty of music promotion which I love to see. The video sets a perfect atmosphere for Hush War Cry, floating between reference’s of fairytales Red Riding Hood and Legends like Excalibur to the fiction and fantasy of Lord Of The Rings and the more current Game Of Thrones. Its beautifully shot in the Kerry wilderness and coastlines and has a story to keep you watching till the end.

Their next show is in Cyprus Avenue Cork on May 26th so if you are free Id suggest you head on over to see these guys live, lets hope they dont take to long to come and play Dublin.


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