Camden Crawl 2012 (Toby Kaar)

18 May

I have never understood going to see a DJ live from past experience of what id seen they tended to stand there with their headphones on playing their songs pretty much like a glorified CD Player barring obviously the likes of Daft Punk or big acts who play stadiums let alone clubs.
So when my mate decided to bring us to see Toby Kaar as the last act of the Dublin Camden Crawl 2012, I went purely as their wasnt anything else I particularly wanted to see and an ol dance is always abit of craic.
We arrived down to the Workmans Club just after Mr Toby Kaars set had begun and the place was fairly packed as the crowds made their way to the few venues that planned afterparties for the Crawl.

Toby Kaar is a Cork man playing Electronica and doing a fair bit of remixing who has made me understand Djing live, first of all he has a microphone on stage and actually interacts and says things to the crowd that gets you live points, he isnt hidden behind a wall of equipment either using a laptop, mixer and some homemade processor’s and what I belive is a choas pad. Anyway thats not hugely important bar that they have flashing lights and he points them at the crowd so you can see him hit the buttons and change the sound. The music is exciting with beats kicking in and out creating serious dynamics to keep everybody moving. At one point during a song there was a huge switch in sound into a loud slow bass beat which managed to make the whole crowd “ooooh” getting a great big smile out of Toby.

I know feck all about dance music but this live I could really appreciate as Toby danced his socks off while playing looking like you would expect him to play music in his bed room loving every minute of it. So if like me you didnt get the live DJ gig then you need to check out Toby Karr Im pretty sure he will make you understand.


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