Camden Crawl 2012 (Ghostpoet)

16 May

Another quick review of a gig I caught most of at Dublins Camden Crawl.

Ghostpoet a somewhat softly spoken rapper from England, definitely one of the people I had heard lots of hype about before the weekend, so it was no shock that Whelans was jammed full of people for his set. Now I came in about 3 or 4 songs into his set so the crowd was well warmed up by the time I arrived but I can honestly say in all the gigs ive been to in Whelans this was one of the most rocking. Ghostpoet delivered his songs with plenty of energy some more upbeat than ive heard on youtube. At one point telling the crowd to follow him as he sang the word “lower” over and over again and proceeded to get lower and lower to the floor followed by the whole of whelans dancefloor and when evrybody got right down to the bottom inevetibly the beat of the kicked up and the whole of whelans flew back up to full height and bounced to the end of this song. Not an easy thing to get a crowd to do when plenty of people can be self consious but Ghostpoet had a connection with enough people in the crowd to get what he wanted from them. Ghostpoets music is a cross between electro, hip hop with a grimy haunting inner city feel with lyrics that people can identify with, leaving the drugs sex and bling to other Hip Hop counter parts and sticking to lyrics that are more true to his and most of his fans lives.

During the last song and with crowd having a serious sweat on he got the whole room bouncing before descending into the crowd for the outro to his final song.
Definitely one of the highlights of the weekend.


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