Camden Crawl 2012 (The Ambience Affair)

14 May

I managed to catch most of The Ambience Affairs‘ set on friday night of the Camden Crawl after running from Polarbears set in The Workmans club which started late.
Now I wont write too much about them as Ive talked about them before so check that out If you want the low down on their music.
The gig was everything I expected with the intensity and honesty of lead singer Jamie Clark delivered to the level you would expect after watching some live videos and listening to his lyrics. The band’s use of a loop pedal for clever guitar riffs and backing vocals takes the sound of a three piece and multiplies it to fill the the whole of the upstairs at Whelans venue which was nicely crowded for the gig.

I decided pretty quickly to purchase their album when I heard it online and waited for a gig to get it as luck would have it they brought a few copies to sell after the show. I had a chat with Jamie as I waited to get a vinyl copy of the album and Im glad to say not only are The Ambience Affair good musicians they also seem like very nice people.
So in short running all the way from The Workmans Club on the otherside of town for just over half of their set was well worth it with a unique style and sound that they back up live on stage The Ambience Affair are well worth your time so check them out for their next live gig or catch them at a festival this summer.


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