A quick Word on Polarbear (Camden Crawl Dublin 2012)

12 May

Its the second day of Dublin Camden Crawl 2012, yesterday I went to 5 gigs and I will try to elaborate on those this week. But first I wanted to mention Polarbear, a Brummie who performs a mix between spoken word, rhymes and rap. Its kindve like the streets but more of a storyteller. Check out this video of one of his first performances of “Jessica”, a great little story. He is funny, witty and he flows talking faster than nearly anybody Ive heard.

Polarbear: Jessica

The reason Im writing this in a rush this morning is that he is playing again tonight in the Mercantile at 7.50pm so if you didn’t see him last night, go tonight you will not be disappointed!

On another note this is my first post about the first Camden Crawl in Dublin there will be plenty more about the bands Ive saw including Funeral Suits, The Ambience Affair, We Are Scientists Jogging and more after tonight. The idea of this festival works and works very well.


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