Wyvern Lingo, girls got soul.

3 May

Wyvern Lingo: Fools

Another band who its taken me too long to get around to listening to, having heard the name and one of the songs several times in the last couple years. But good thiings come to those who wait an all that and these girls are great.
Think Regina Spector, Lisa Hannigan and First Aid Kit with great three way vocal dialogues and harmonies. In the vein of music that Heathers have done well with in the last couple of years. Folk/Pop with some soul in there for good measure, a nice combination of accoustic guitar piano and the ever present Cajón (those drumming box stools you see buskers using and Ryan Sheridans drummer). Its a nice full accoustic sound and top that off with three singers who trade lead vocals around like a game of pass the parcel and you’ve got Wyvern Lingo
I particulary like this song, love the lyrics

Definitely worth checking them out, will be keeping an eye for future live gigs. If you really like them I think they are supporting Rachel Yamagata in Whelans tonight so head on down if ya can. You will hear them this year one way or another.


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