Decent Hip Hop from Ireland.

1 May

The Elements: The Road

Ireland is not really known for Hip Hop or Rap for that matter (unless you include Sultans of Ping F.C.) but there seems to be a few people makin waves in those genres at the moment, with the likes of The Original Rudeboys with their brand of pop/rap/indie stuff doin well on the mainstream radio stations, their getting backing from somewhere although it seems to be kept under wraps, you cant deny they have some catchy tunes and plenty of talent. You can even play spot the difference with this English group who have sprung up all of a sudden since The Original Rudeboys have mad a name for themselves.

There is also the less radio friendly Temper-Mental MissElayneous whos producing some serious tongue twisters and doin well for herself at the moment.

The Elements who Ive only heard a couple of songs from seem to be one of the best Ive heard comin out of Dublin with some Old Skool Hip Hop sound, Im no authority on Hip Hop, I do love some artists and tracks but I cant claim to know much about it. But one things for sure your ears dont lie and these boys sound good to me. Check em out and be the judge yourself well worth a listen.


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