Jools Holland is back! Tuesdays and Fridays of music.

27 Apr

Jools Holland show is back this week and it already started with a fantastic show featuring Jack White, Alabama Shakes, Grimes and The Chieftains.

Alabama Shakes: Hold on

My favourite performance of the show has to be Alabama Shakes with their cracking version Of Hold On, mainly through the performance of lead singer Brittany Howard, when I first heard this song on the radio I i just assumed it was a male vocalist with quite a female voice now that Ive seen Brittany sing it I really dont know how I thought that but as usual assumptions are dangerous. That girl can sing, and she sings with real conviction. Now I just need them to come to Ireland so I can see them live.


The Chieftains & Carolina Choclate Drops: Pretty Little Girl

Another great collaboration from The Chieftains new album Voice of Ages, real party felling to this song combining Irish Tradtional vibes and Blue Grass rythm very enjoyable, would be another gig Id love to see live. 


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