Ryan Adams Live In Olympia (Dublin 19/04/12)

20 Apr

From the tour last June in Cork.

Ryan Adams played the Olympia for the second time in about a year last night. I cant really do a review of a Ryan Adams gig because Im far to much of a fan he’s probably one of my favourite artists. I never thought I would get too see him live as he had stopped gigging when I got really into his music, so I was the most excited ever for his first gig last June when I got tickets. It was an amazing show, he quite simply came out on stage by himself and played for around an hour sitiing with an accoustic guitar and a piano. He wanted to play his songs quitely for people and it was amazing. So when I heard he was playing again I got my tickets quick as I could they sold out in minutes as you would expect. This time touring on the back of his New Album Ashes & Fire, I expected the show to be much the same but that swhat I was hoping just to hear probably one of the best songwriters and soulful voices of the last decade. He stepped up the show this year playing abit more piano and also standing for half the set. He repeated only one song from the set last time around, which was amazing getting to hear all the songs that we didnt hear live the last time. He was full of the usual wit and banter with the audience, he wants to play for people and the more of your attention you give him the more you get back, while the sitting in silence and listening might not be for everybody his performance is so good he deserves the undivided attention which he has gotten at both Olympia gigs which is why he came back so quickly.

If you dont know Ryan Adams or have never listened to him, then you stop what your doing go to youtube and Ryan Adams ‘Suicide Hand Book’ or Heartbreaker and you will never look back I promise. He is possibly the best singer songwriter you will ever listen to and nobody writes broken hearted songs like this guy.


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