Hey Rosetta Live Sugar Club (Dublin 12/04/12) @HeyRosetta

16 Apr

Hey Rosetta played to a packed out Sugar Club in dublin on Thursday night. I had only heard about the New Foundland Rockers a couple of months previously, but after hearing one song I was hooked they play a brand of garage rock with your standard two guitars drums and bass, but the added violin, cello and piano make their sound so much bigger. This added to the beautiful vocals of lead singer Tim Baker who delivers his vocals effortlessly from the softer slow songs to the strained gravelled vocals seen in the louder faster songs that showcase this bands penchant for a huge sing along moment and a catchy lick.
The show started fantastic with the added bonus of support from Rhob Cunningham who warmed up the crowd nicely.
I arrived early at the gig as I wanted to get a seat at the front in the Sugar Club which is a great venue but can be a nightmare if you don’t get sitting as standing at the back near the bar is a waste of time with the usual talkers. Upon arriving with my friend who was yet to get her ticket we seen several young fans who were very excited and getting a picture with lead singer Tim Baker who had come outside to say hello.
Hey Rosetta entered the stage to a huge reaction, as far as I know it was their first gig on Irish soil, which is funny, If you don’t know anything about New Foundland one thing I know is it has a huge Irish connection and if you don’t believe me you should hear the accent it has plenty of Irish all over it. Hey Rosetta are an award winning band who play huge festivals In Canada and the States, they have yet to really break out over here. But hopefully things are beginning to change with the sold out shows around Europe helping and radio play from the lovely Jenny Heuston getting them some notice.
The live performance is energetic and large with the stage full and every space taken up by the six piece band. Watching the Cellist switch between guitar and cello sometimes in the same song is entertaining enough without the fact that it adds a huge sound to some tracks. The band have no problem with crowd interaction, after a couple of songs when the band got everybody going and either side of the stage floor had people dancing to the songs, Tim didn’t hesitate to jump off stage during an instrumental part of a song to dance and play guitar amongst the fans. This kind of enjoyment while playing and willingness to have fun and make people dance is what Hey Rosetta seem to bring to a live show while they have some fantastic slow sing along songs, its their ability to make people move that works for them. In particular their song Red Heart a stomping happy huge song was the highlight of the set with the crowd clapping and singing along at the top of their voices and the dancers going into overdrive.

One song in particular had a fantastic breakdown and outro which was like some kind of hip hop beat where most of the band broke into clapping or drumming. I hope this is the first of many gigs Hey Rosetta play otherwise Ill have to take a few trips to New Foundland just to see them.


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