You Now Want To Play Cello @Honningbarna ( Live at Whelans 10th April 2012)

11 Apr

Honningbarna Live

I heard about these guys probably the same way that most of the people who turned up to see them in Whelans did, through all the chatter on the internet from everybody who went to Eurosonic and came home talking about one band. Honningbarna (Honey Children in english) are a five piece from Norway, consisting of two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer and a cellist. The cellist being the lead vocalist also, but all five do their parts in the vocals. They play with all the attitude and energy of a punk act but bring in plenty of classic rock and tiny hints of metal to their sound, these guys are loud and fast.

Sound quality is not fantastic on this video but its from Whelans.Several good gig videos from this persons youtube channel check it out.

The night started with me rushing across town to make it in after spending to long finging some new runners which can take me months, but I made it in to Whelans in plenty of time as the support act played their last couple of songs and I found myself a seat for the beginning of the show. Whelans was not full but by the time the band came on stage there was upwards of 60 or 70 people I think which on a tuesday night after the easter bank holiday where most of the country had probably drank for three nights straight getting anybody to turn up to a bands first gig in Ireland would be tough. The crowd that turned up were all here to see something special and they were not left wanting. The lights dimmed and the bands intro theme began think every world war two propoganda ads you’ve heard now think of them in which I can only guess is Norwegian with full military drum beats and classical music behind. The drummer and bassist entered the stage from the normal side entrance picking up their instruments and launching straight into a stomping bass line, then appearing out of the crowd both guitarists took the stage to join straight into beat being driven by bass and drums, last but not least the lead singer joined the now full blast music and jumped straight into dancing and singing the first track of what was probably the most energetic performance Ive seen to date. For a taste of what Im talking about check out this video.
Now these guys play music that is not for everyone I didnt even bother to bring my friends as I didnt expect them to be into it. I love lyrics, they are probably my favourite thing in music, but I knew these guys sang in Norwegian and I dont speak Norwegian, the only reason I have any idea what they sing about is through some interviews Ive read, the songs are like alot of punk some politically motivated most angry, all full of energy and attitude.So even with the knowledge that I wouldnt hear lyrics that I could understand these guys were still amazing. Now I wouldnt let any of that put you off, if your not into loud music you can jump around and mosh to thats fine, you should still see these guys live at least once, you will never see anything like it. All five sing and shout the backing vocals in almost every track making for one of the most impressive views of a stage you can get. You will never see somebody rock out on a cello as much as lead singer Edward Valberg, and still play it extremely well. How he doesn’t fall off his stool while playing it is a seperate skill altogether looking every bit the demented conductor as he waves his bow around between playing. I can honestly say id never really understood this kind of music until I watched these guys last night, the energy and attitude in every song meant it didn’t matter that I couldn’t understand a single lyric, that wasnt important I still got the sense that they were saying something and trying to encourage everybody to dance and shout and sing at the top of their voices about whatever they thought should be shouted and sang about. Now the word anger will be used with these guys in plenty of descriptions but that is only part of the music the guys themselves all seem like they are having the time of their lives playing on stage, the smiles while head banging and playing Cello are there for everyone to see. Edward introduced one song as “playing something abit more happier” so not all is anger. His dancing without the cello is just as frantic and entertaining somewhere between a mad preacher and a feather weight boxer, as he used every bit of the tiny Whelans stage.

So in short these guys rock and they do it fast, loud and with bags of attitude, I never thought I would buy an album like this as I wouldn’t have thought I could listen to it in a car without the stage antics, but they opened my mind to a genre I have only dipped in an out of in the past. So I purchased a copy of La Alarmane Gå and thanked the band for a brilliant show and got them to sign my album. I hope they will come back to Dublin again where I have no doubt they will sell out their next show, this is only the beginning for a band who at an average age of twenty are already touring Europe.

I cant express in words what it is about these guys that makes them different from the normal screaming music that you dont want to listen too, all I can say is that they will change your mind if you give them a chance and you will leave their show wondering where you could get Cello lessons.


5 Responses to “You Now Want To Play Cello @Honningbarna ( Live at Whelans 10th April 2012)”

  1. Emmett Mullaney April 13, 2012 at 4:41 pm #

    Sweet . That was my third time seeing them………….!

  2. kathryningrid April 16, 2012 at 10:00 pm #

    Great post! I linked to this on my own blog today and hope you get some additional readers as a result. Cheers to you!

    • kevintoher April 17, 2012 at 8:33 am #

      Thank you very much, nice post you’ve written yourself 🙂


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