Stop And Listen (The Ambience Affair)

4 Apr

I love when you music makes you stop and listen, snaps you out of whatever your doing and and just grabs your attention. This doesnt happen all that often, but it happened to me today. Id heard of The Ambience Affair a few times before but have never gon an actually listened as there must have been something else I was obsessed with at the time. So thank god for Other Voices showing me the way, I was listening to last weeks episode with spirtualised and Frank Turner who are acts I know and really like, but it was The Ambience Affair who made me sit still and listen.

Fragile Things.

This was the track they played, Jamie Clarke’s singing is so direct and intense you feel every word he’s written. The song was originally written in 2009 and the fact that it is still so unique and interesting is a testament to Clarkes songwriting. Having been a solo act at first but now a three piece outfit with Drummer Marc Gallagher and Bassist Yvonne Ryan. The album Burials released last October had passed me by until now. But its an album that I think will be a slow burner maybe picking up alot more notice this year as the band play shows around the country and im sure their will be many who like me caught a fantastic performance on Other Voices and will sit up and take notice for the future of a band who are producing some very unique and exciting music.

Have a listen to the album on their Bandcamp.

Or If you in Galway go see them in the Rosin Dubh along with We Cut Corners and Come On Live Long.


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