Unexpected (The Statics upstairs at Whelans 31st March) @TheStatics

2 Apr

Saturday night started out like most saturday nights in Dublin, the bus was late and seats were limited, I was lucky enough to catch an upstairs one all to myself where I sat in front of a couple in their 20’s and tried not to listen to their conversation. I failed miserably as they ended up talking about the song lyrics to the classic Africa by TOTO, they disagreed as to wheter the lyric was ‘I hope it rains down in Africa’ or ‘I know it rains down in Africa’ even decided they would bet who was right, well the music nerd in me took over and I had to point out that it was actually ‘ I bless the rains down in Africa’. So with the obligatory eavesdropping of a bus journey out of the way it was time for the standard gaggle of underage loud and scantily clad group of teenage girls and guys to get on the bus and make everyone wish they got a taxi. So my night started like a standard night in Dublin as I headed to what I thought would be a standard gig in Whelans.

The Statics.

The Statics are a Dublin 4 piece rock band, who on first impressions might look like a standard 90’s style Britpop band peddling a lack of effort or originality for being cool and not giving a fuck in there best gallagher brother impression. That couldnt be further from the reality as I found out fairly quick (judging books by covers and bands by a photo is never a good idea). The band are all in their twenties consisting of three lads and one girl, Liam vocals/guitar, Jacqueline Drums, Daragh Vocals/Guitar and Tomo on Bass. Liam bears some resemblance to lead singer of the Coral James Skelly and luckily he backs this up with vocal talent to match. If I was to pick two bands that sprang to mind when I heard these guys play it would be The Kinks around the time of ‘Im not like everybody else‘ with songs that are dynamic and interesting as opposed to 4 chord wonders. I would also have to say the Coral and not because of Liams resemblance, but because of the bands upbeat make you want to dance sound and the harmonies between both vocalists. So rather than the shoe gazer Oasis feel of alot of bands, these guys give a performance with more 50’s and 60’s retro pop rock swagger than you can shake a stick at. They were well turned out as opposed to the rolled out of bed look some bands have as they tell you they “let the music do the talking”, your on stage entertaining people the least you can do is look like a coherant band thats made an effort for the show.
They rocked into their set having to follow a great performance from support act The Syndicate who warmed up the crowd nicely, so as everybody went to the bar or went for a quick cigarette outside while they set up on stage, it took all of thirty seconds of the first song (people talk) for the packed Whelans to devote their full attention and start moving to the music. They played a decent length 16 song set and got everybody dancing throughout keeping everybody’s attention for the whole set even with technical difficulties of Liams Accoustic guitar dying, some bands panic or just ignore the crowd while they fix these problems, the statics realised you have to keep the crowd even when you’re not playing a song. Jacqueline the drummer broke into an impromtu drum run which turned into the beginning of the Riverboat song by Ocean Colour Scene when Daragh and Tomo broke in. Not to stop the set Liam switched to electric and got straight back into the show.
The highlight of the set for me was the final two songs Holiday which I belive will be their next single, a fast mix of dynamic guitars, vocal harmonies, stomping drums and bass with a summer feel to it I look forward to seeing its release. The final song and probably their best known was ‘Easy to forget’, with its jangley guitars and harmonies has a really nice vibe to it, but this song really hits the mark when Jacqueline takes the tempo up for the bridge/outro and this song puts its dancing shoes on to leave the end of the show on a high note.

After a little over a year together you can see they’ve been working hard with performances all over Dublin and even at festivals such as Sea Sessions under their belt. They are hoping to release a single for the summer and get an album by the end of the year as well as keeping up the gigs. Im not the first person to take notice of them either, as to the bands complete shock a couple of radio stations like Nova, 98fm and Phantom had picked up one of their tracks and played it without the band even knowing. So things are going well for The Statics at the moment and after a very brief conversation with them after their gig I can only hope it continues as they seem like genuinely nice people who just want to make you dance. If you go see them live they will impress you and in meantime dont judge this band on a short glance, theirs alot more too them than a cursory glance on the internet reveals.

For the 60’s pop feel check out their song Had It Too.

The Support Acts.
When I got in to the venue the first support act where on stage already, Re-Soul where three lads on stools with two guitars and a tambourine looking every bit of an Oasis or Paul Weller accoustic set. Id never heard of them, and Iv seen alot of these lad bands over the years tryin to be Oasis with loads of attiude and parka’s without the amount of talent or stage presence Oasis actually had, but to my suprise Re-soul have got something workin for them, the singer sounds more like Kelly Jones of the Stereophonics than Liam or Noel which helps to dispel the Oasis look. There stand out track was definitely ‘Aint no love (in this city)‘ with a catchy chorus and some great guitar Ill defeintiely be listening to this for awhile. So for the first time in the night my first impression had been changed by the talent in front of me.

Next up were the youngest band of the night who looked on average 21 or 22, The Syndicate who on first glance didnt look like Oasis or Paul Weller, looking more like early Arctic monkeys. These guys have definitely got a little following as the crowd filled up the room right in front of the stage which is always tough at smaller gigs as nobody wants to be the first to stand in front by themselves. The four piece kicked straight into action with a slightly bluesy garage rock sound, think early Kings of Leon before they started making money, the singer kindve mumble-sings in his dublin accent like Caleb Followill at his best. Now mumbles brings to mine a lack of energy or presence which was not the case as these boys got everybody moving, including the Whelans sound engineer for the night (he stood beside me at one point and nodded his head to the beat), if you’ve been to whelans you may have noticed him he tends to look quite angry alot of the time, but I suppose that happens when you work in one of the busiest venues in the city and have to listen to alot of crap. So if you can manage to make him interested you must be doing something right, this bands mix of sound from Kings of Leon to the Rolling stones with their own Dublin influence all over it was another unexpected delight for my night. Check out this track called ‘Heartbreak

More about The Statics


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