Mystified by the Meteor Choice Music Prize

9 Mar

Last night I went to the Meteor Choice Music Prize in the Olympia, to see all ten nominated acts perform.

So to start with the winner of the Album of 2011 was Jape with Ocean of Frequency, I was completely caught off guard by this, I thought for sure it would go to Lisa Hannigan. Not to take anything away from Richie Egan and his music, he is a great artist and his win in 2008 for previous album Ritual was well deserved, but I cant understand his winning when up against competition from acts like We Cut Corners, Lisa Hannigan, Bell X1, And so I watch you from afar, Cashier No.9 all acts who couldve easily won it. But then maybe thats why Im not a judge for this music prize which is supposed to sum up the the previous year in Irish music.

Anyway the night itself was very enjoyable from Tiranniesaur’s amazing dancing bassist who made sure to grab everybodys attention even though they were the first act on stage to a very sober audience who were just arriving.

We Cut corners
We Cut corners took to the stage the next and got a great reception, playing there to songs they played the softer “a pirates life” and then upped the tempo with “Go Easy“, and just as I was thinkin how tough it must be to really put on a show with just two people on a huge stage, they ended their song in a flurry of drumming while standing and guitar hammering that answered my silent question quite quickly these guys know how to make a mark. Japanese Postars took to the stage next and while im not the biggest electronic or dance music fan (I just love lyrics to much), these boys impressed me and brought a nice bit of energy to the stage even behind there mixing desk, the keyboardist/synt player in particular tried his best to give Tieranniesaur a run for his money in the most energetic performer of the night.

Awards Shambles
At this point it was time to give out the award for Best song of the year as voted by the public, this one had some good competition with bands such as This Club, The Corona’s, Little Green Cars all nominated but the winner for there song We should be Lovers was Royseven, now while im not a fan of this band I wouldnt deny that this song was hugely popular and extremely catchy, the actual act of delivering this award was a shambles the bands nominated were spread all over the audience randomly the coronas where seated behind me little green cars abit further back, Royseven somewhere in the middle, so when the award was announced and the people on stage thought they wernt there the shambles ensued of are they here? they are here! where are they? oh there they are, lets awkwardly get them onstage by climbing up the front of it as there where no steps, half of the band got up then the health safety stopped the other two and then it didnt matter as Larry Gogan had disapeared with the award anyway ao they didnt even get to say thanks not that many in the crowd seemed to care (maybe more cause of the timing of giving out the award as Cashier No.9 awkwardly set up their gear then stood around then left the stage).

Cashier No.9
So after the shambles of the non music part of the night Cashier No.9 played there two songs and were every bit the professional outfit, they stepped on stage they played without a hitch and had a somewhat Ocean Colour Scene Vibe to their performance.

Patrick Kelleher and his cold Dead Hands
Patrick Kelleher and his cold Dead Hands I havnt listened to really yet but whenever I here a band with a members full name in it I just think they really want everybody to know that its their songs and music(which is true for Patrick Kelleher) and the other guys on stage just work for me, which is a bad start in my head (modesty goes a long way even if its false), now while Ill say I dont know too much about Patrick Kelleher and his music, the performance was kindve abit not great the first song fell flat and seemed more like a performance of “look at me and my cool band while I strum my guitar hard like a rockstar”, The second song was much better I started to see where he was going with some real 80’s synth and vocals I could see the talent there but it still has to find the right outlet.

And So I Watch You From Afar
And So I Watch You From Afar blew the roof off the Olympia with their hyper dance rock that If I walked into a club or festival tent at 1am with a few drinks on me would be the most amazing music ever, music you can let go and dance like a lunatic to. The lack of lyrics always makes me struggle to listen to music at any lenght its just my personal love of lyrics, but I wont deny the technical brilliance these boys bring.

Pugwash have been around for quite awhile and have yet to really hit it right. Loved by alot of people enjoyed by loads but also not known to quite afew. Their performance on th night was very entertaining, you cant help but like Thomas Walsh he just seems like he is having a great time once he’s playing music and entertaining anybody. While I diidnt expect them to win they are always entertaining if not necessarily the cutting edge of Irish music.

Jape the eventual winner of the prize gave a solid an very entertaining performance as you would expect from Richie Egan with the extremely catchy Scorpio getting a great reaction even his guitar strap breaking towards the end of his second song didnt stop him giving a great performance.

Lisa Hannigan
Lisa Hannigan entered the stage by herself with her accoustic guitar and silenced the crowd almost instantly with her opening song. SHe followed this with a full band rousing performance of hit single Knots now as I thought the award was in the bag for her, and from the reaction of the crowd to her performance I think I wasnt the only one, she gained an almost standing ovation kindve half and half.

Bell X1
Bell X1 performed last and delivered like they should strting with a slow number and then playing there song of the year nominated track Velcro to great reaction even managing to get abit of clapping going from a tough and very mixed crowd. While I dont think this was their best album they are still one of the bands in this country who have sucessfully produced some great songs over the years and managed to travel the world with them, maybe just missing out on everything coming together for the one album, to gain the respect they deserve.

All in all the night was a great way to see some great Irish acts some only starting some more established but all talented and looking like if things go right for them they could produce some fantastic music in the future on top of the fine starts they have made.


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