Sold Out Academy, The Olympia Nov 7th 2012 a must. (Ben Howard)

23 Feb

I had the pleasure of  seeing this gentleman live in the tiny settings of the Sugar Club in Dublin on the 01/11/11.  I had heard him via the wonders of Youtube or Zane Lowe or just pure luck, I cant rightly remember, but I think I listened to one track “Old Pine” and then just went looking for tickets and as luck was on my side this day he was touring and had a date in Dublin in a few months time. I was also lucky as this gig sold out and pretty much every gig on his tours since have sold out and with very good reason.

I bought tickets to this show for myself  my girlfriend and my friend, we made our way to the venue early to try get a seat, but I underestimated the level of fan heading to this show as the queue was already very big. So we  made do instead with sitting on the step at the dancefloor in front of the stage, within 15mins the entire floor was covered with people sitting waiting for Mr howard to start and very much enjoying the support act of the lovely Lucy Rose

Well worth a listen if you can I suggest her track “Middle of the bed” to start you off.

This show seemed to catch Ben off guard abit as the room was jam packed and I dont think they were expecting it but word had spread quickly as tracks from his album every kingdom were heard all over the internet. The show started with Ben playing to a crowd sitting on the ground right to the edge of the stage,  the vibe was perfect people weren’t sitting down because they were tired it was more a sense of the music and a feeling of happiness and relaxation that Ben brings to his live shows, everybody listened to every word and sang along.  About half way through the set Ben asked everybody to stand up, he wanted to change up the atmosphere  and get everybody moving for the show, which could’ve gone wrong easily as everybody was broken from the spell he had put on the crowd, but within the first two bars of the next song it was clear he knew what he was doing as he upped the energy of his performance to get everybody singing and bouncing in the crowd. His guitar playing is exceptional ranging from the intricate picking of “further away” to the upbeat strumming of “The Wolves“, and the different (druming guitar lap) playing of “Under The Same Sun” above. His song writing is at once engaging and interesting while still having some catchy hooks for a crowd to sing with him. His lyrics transport you into his songs, listen to “Old Pine” and try not to wish you where at a camp fire on a beach in summer, I think this was the 1st or 2cnd song in his set  and that video is enough reson for you to go to one of his shows.

Things have been going from strenght to strenght for him since I was lucky enough to catch one of the last shows of that size he will play for awhile  as demand to see him live has sky rocketed.

So if you are going to the sold out show in the Academy on March 2ncd, count yourself lucky you are in for a fantastic show. If your not then I would suggest you snap up some tickets for his Olympia show in Nov.


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