Ham Sandwich (The Academy Feb 18th 2012)

19 Feb

Ham Sandwich perform The Naturist, Live at the Academy

filmed by the lovely 45 Sound

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Ham Sandwiches first ever headline show in The Academy. I hadn’t managed to see them live since their gig for the launch of their 2cnd album “White Fox”, so I was quite excited to see them as their album has been constantly high in my musical listening for the last year.
I arrived at the venue at 8.15pm as I had seen early in the day via Ham Sandwiches facebook page that they would be on at 9pm sharp, I had also heard mention of a new line of Ham Sandwich T-shirts and as I am a little addicted to band T-shirts I had to get one for Ham Sandwich, I also managed to catch a Little bit of of the support act Little X’s for Eyes who I will definitely be going to see again as they look set to make an impact this year.
I took my place front (and a little right of center) and listened to the Intro a remix of “Praise You” by Fatboy Slim which slowly became the opening to there first song White Fox. I had expected an energetic performance, but the energy that Ham Sandwich started this show with was what you expect the last song of a great show to be like. They flew into there set with serious gusto, which helped to combat the early start time, which can be an atmosphere killer at gigs even sold out one’s, as plenty of the crowd have not reached there normal level of alcohol consumption to lower their inhibitions enough to enjoy a great gig and jump and sing along to every belted chorus and stomped beat that was on offer. Mr Podge Mcnamee was on hand as always to deliver immediate energy and banter with the crowd as he hopped around the stage and messed with his fellow band mates clothing and instruments throughout the show. The addition of a keyboardist and trumpet player to the always enjoyable violinist/fiddle at the gigs has really added to the larger sound that the second album brought in such style. The confetti fired into the crowd helped to create a party atmosphere always found at Ham Sandwiches live shows and when they played their best known song to date “Ants” the crowd were in flying form and sang every single word at the top of their voices to a very happy band who seemed overwhelmed by the response they received from a delighted crowd. Niamh’s vocals were impeccable as always varying from a rocking rasp to the sweet outro of “Nevertalk“. Darcy’s lead guitar playing has gone from strength to strength since the first album and continues to provide some great licks and lines through out the shows. One of my favorite moments of the night came during their rendition of “models” which has a very distinct musical break in the song to which the entire crowd did their best to sing the guitar line along to the song. The rhythm section of Ollie And David provided the rumbling current on which this gig flowed, and the added bonus of two extra drummers from Leaders of Men and Bi-Polar Empire for a couple of tracks upped the ante of an already crowded stage on a night where Niamh uttered words in hope for 2012 to be Ham Sandwiches year, I really hope it is, and am very excited to see some new material. They have done the hard second album and gained some well deserved attention with it, so I have little doubt that when they get round to a third it will be better again.

So after all my yammering I have to say if you have not been to a Ham Sandwich gig, you are missing out on the start of what could be a very special year for a great Irish band.


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