Some Excitement For Music In Dublin. (Raglans & Trap Door)

24 Jan

Last Saturday night I attended the EP Launch of a Dublin based band Raglans, I had heard of them through a friend maybe a month before the gig, after watching one video on youtube for their song Not Now. I was hooked by such an instantly catchy song and some great songwriting. In the space of a month before the gig I listened to as much of there stuff as I could find on youtube, apparently I wasn’t the only one either as the play counts racked up rapidly, word of mouth and the internet had started to generate a buzz for this band and it couldnt come at a better time as they head off to record with Boz Boorer in Portugal. Some of the buzz has helped from great videos a couple of which are shot by the very talented Finn Keenan.
When last Saturday rolled around myself and a few friends had tickets booked, (I knew the gig would sell out the 320 capacity Grand Social that was to be the venue for what was set to be a memorable gig) We arrived early to get our free copy of the 200 ep’s they had on offer and to catch the other band I want to mention.

Trap Door are Dublin punk/ska and some other genre’s thrown in for good measure band, which I discovered soon after my first hearing of Raglans, again these guys have a great video (from the aforementioned Finn Keenan) for lead single from the EP Lata Town, not that they need a good video with a tune like this. Punk in Dublin has found a new outlet with these boys and their mix of attitude and great songs, they seem to be avoiding the normal pitfalls of punk bands by not getting caught up in the attiude ahead of the music. These boys had the hard job of supporting at a small gig, which can sometimes feel like playing to 10 people who are not even listening ( Ive been there), It didnt fase them one bit as they dove straight in and rocked through there set even managing to get a group of people dancing there socks off at the front of the stage.
I hope these boys keep going the way they’re going, Dublins been in need of a decent bit of music and they look ready to fill the gap.

By the time Trap Door finished there set the venue was over half way full with people streaming in for the Headline act. A few minutes after 10pm they hit the stage to a full to capacity venue, the likes of which I had never seen for a small unsigned band, with only a year of playing together under their belts.
I have been to alot of gigs, Ive spent a small fortune on seeing the bands I love over the years, but for the princely sum of €5, I got an EP and possibly my gig of 2012. Its gonna take something special to beat watching a band who look set for great things play to an adoring crowd without realising how good they are. They quite simply blew the roof off, with the crowd singing back every catchy hook and bouncing and surfing to every beat. They ended the set with two of my favourite songs,  the Indy, guitar bouncing “the man from Glasgow” which without a hesitation ran straight into sing along song of the set “Not Now” which left the crowd breathless and sweaty from head to toe, the sure sign of a great gig.

After me and my friend made the lads sign our Eps to what seemed like shock and bemusement on their part we set off to another party to tell all our friends about the next big bands in Ireland, Raglans & Trap Door.


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