Ive never really had a camera.

27 Jul

Ive never really had a camera, in fact ive had three, the first was one of the first kinds of digital cameras id ever seen, my dad bought it. It was a very expensive brick, that ate batteries in seconds if you touched the zoom function, in my first year of college this is the camera I used and one day I leant it to a girl in my class who I lived with, who promised to look after it, of course she managed to get it all the way home safetly that evening all the way to the bottom of our stairs where when she turned the corner the camera bag (which i think was actually a nintendo gameboy bag) swung on her arm and hit the corner of the banister! Smash the ol’ lcd screen just couldnt take it and here died my first camera!

The second was a much smaller digital camera that was far more up to date, i carried this in my bag in college cause you never knew when you needed one, and one day i took it out to find the lcd screen had at some point found it self in the same state as its predecessor, I think this camera was my brothers.

The third i actually cant remember whether I broke or if it was taken back by my family and hidden so that I wouldnt allow my curse to affect it too, after all it was my familys camera not mine.

So for the first time ever I plan to get myself a camera (I should mention I have a video camera for years and it has survived in the nintendo gameboy bag, but its a pain to get footage from camera to computer, so I havnt used it in a long time) in september when my friend goes to America and brings me back the one I want instead of paying €200 or €300 more in Ireland for it. Its gona be one with a swivel lcd screen cause i can then protect that part of the camera in hope my curse does not continue.

So with my feeling that im unlucky with camera’s I never bothered to learn to much about them or have a huge interest in photography, but recently Ive been finding myself very interested in some flickr accounts, in particular this one laurenlemon I found her through Ryan Schude one of the links in my blogroll, her photography is amazing and may be responsible for sparking my interest in photography as a hobbie (we will have to wait and see about this for sure) but I advise you to check her out.

Photos like this and this are why I really like her style.

Check out her 365 set in particular.


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