The best meal you will ever have!!

5 May

I was recently in Achill for the weekend with friends, to chill out and enjoy the weather on a bank holiday. On the very first night we were over half way there on our 5 hour drive, when the girls decided we should eat in this restaurant called ferndale that they had ate in a couple of years previous. So began the best meal I have ever have had in my  life,  we had booked a table for 7.30pm, but after sorting out getting to the house and getting out again we were about 35mins late, We arrived and apologised and were greeted with a warm welcome by the man of the restaurant, I think his name is John. The girls had told me this restaurant  was really good but noting could have prepared me for how amazing the food the service would be.
Ferndale Guesthouse and Restaurant fine dining thats worth the five hour drive alone.

For starter’s i had a tuna steak in lime and chili dressing, this was just perfect light and full of flavour.

For the main course I had been feeling adventurous upon hearing the special was a selection of Antelope, Wild Boar and Kangaroo this was the right decision as three of us ordered this and everyone of us loved it, the Antelope being the tastiest of all. This restaurant is so good that even the side dish’s have been made with so much thought and care, the normal vegetables on the side of cauliflower, green beans and red cabbage where all as carefully cooked as the main course’s themselves especially the Cauliflower in coconut milk which was one of the highlights of the whole meal.

Desert was a split with my friend of Irish Iced Coffee (with real ice cream) and Creme Brulee, both were full of flavour  and suceeded in absolutely stuffing myself and my friends after four hours of the best food wine and serivce you could ask for, The only fault I could find and this is a stretch was the slightly strange gold curtains that hung in the restaurant.
You can have a look at the restaurant yourself here.

Not only do they have great food but they have several guestrooms that are themed like Roman, Medieval, Mayan which I think after my first experience with the food I will be returning for a longer stay.

So next time you are in Achill or just hungry in Ireland I would suggest you go to Ferndale.


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