A random list of stuff that Seb did.

18 Apr

My friend Seb passed away last year, he was the most effortlessly cool and funny guy you could ever meet. He seemed to be instantly good at anything he touched, which could be very hard to deal with when he was instantly better than all his friends, but he never acted like it. With plenty of modesty and willingness to try teach anybody how to do things they couldn’t he got away with it. So I have all these random little facts or things that he said or did that I thought were funny, cool, etc, that I dont want to just forget, so Im gonna try and make stuff out of them as I think of things for now ill provide you with a list of things that will mean nothing to most people but will mean a lot to some.

The List

  1. 5 grannies in a chinchocento.
  2. Hold beer at neck of bottle only.
  3. corona lime turnover.
  4. Backflips.
  5. Dymo Label Graffiti.
  6. Money Shirts.
  7. The leg hop.
  8. Kabaddi
  9. Feel Better Rubs.
  10. Me and Ericsson.
  11. Zang.
  12. Thuglife Gay Bracelet.

I will try to add more to this list as I remember them or people remind me.


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