Elvis his hair is Immortal.

14 Apr

What to do when your friend wants a T-shirt and all she says is I love Elvis and Skulls,

I took this quite literally and decided it would be cool to do a drawing of a skull of Elvis the most obvious way I could make a skull Elvis was to give him that famous ol’ quiff 🙂

This is one of my favourite drawings, back when I was a little teenager I used to love drawing skulls and the grim reaper, my parents and art teacher in secondary school got slightly worried about this fascination with skull imagery, well it all paid off now cause there is a very happy girl wearing an Elvis Skull T-shirt around Dublin.




2 Responses to “Elvis his hair is Immortal.”


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    […] the same idea as a previous post (Elvis) I decided to do another illustration of a celebrity skull, with its hair still intact. Like […]

  2. Purchase some Illustrations….. on everything! « Itsatangent - August 8, 2012

    […] The first Illustration I’ve put up can be found here at Elvis Skull Post. […]

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