A Random T-Shirt / A Beautiful Song

6 Apr

This is a T-shirt with an image of a phone in a bowl of rice. There’s no joke to it really or anything clever its just a random image that I decided to put on a T-shirt after a conversation on Facebook with my friend Jen, Ill put a screen grab of the moment it happened below the T-shirt. It was after she had dropped her phone in a puddle somewhere and her aunt suggested she do this to dry out the phone, it is not totally as crazy as it sounds people do do it look here for the technical stuff.


This is the magic moment this T-Shirt was  born, It started to open my mind to all sorts of images that I could do.










And finally a short note and Beautiful Song just because if you don’t listen to him you should, quite simply one of the best singer / songwriters I’ve ever listened to.  Listen to an album* if you’ve ever had a broken heart, missed someone, loved someone or just need music to make you feel better.  Olympia the 8th of June will have one very happy Kev sitting and listening to someone I thought Id never see live.

Ryan Adams “For No One”


*Start by finding the unreleased album “The Suicide Handbook” the songs off this are on other albums too but this is the best way to hear them. After this “Heartbreaker” + “Gold” and you will be hooked forever.


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